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Moving Tips

Whether this is your first or 100th time moving, you could always use some tips. There could be things that you may have not thought about doing. Here at, we want to help make this process enjoyable. Here are some guidelines to follow to make your moving day even easier.

Double Check Everything
Before you leave your old house, double (or even triple) check each room. This means go through every cabinet and closet. The last thing you want to do is move into your new place, only to realize you’ve forgotten something!

Label Accurately
Make sure when you pack that you accurately label your boxes. An easy way to label your boxes is to utilize colored tape. You can use purple tape for the kitchen and green tape for the living room. This way, it will be very easy to figure out where each box goes. You can also write on the box generally what is inside.

Pack an Overnight Bag
You should pack an overnight bag for moving day. The bag should contain all the items you need to access quickly. This would include medicine, change of clothes, toiletries, etc. You would also want to keep any important documents on your person as well.

Get Rid of Unused Items
When you’re preparing to move, you begin to realize that you have a lot of items. Before you pack up your house, try and get rid of some stuff. It will save you time, because you won’t be packing it up. It will also save you money, since it’s less to pack. You can even hold a garage sale and sell unwanted items to make a profit!

Create an Inventory
A great way to keep track of all items is to create an inventory. This way, you will know exactly what you have. Accidents happen, and items go missing. By creating an inventory, you know will exactly what is lost.

Take a Photo of Your Electronics Cord
If you have a television, computer, or any gaming console, they have a lot of cords and wires. If you plug wires into the wrong ports, your electronic won’t work. By taking a picture, you will know exactly where the wires go. Another good idea is to put each electronics’ wire in its own bag. So, you should have a bag dedicated to your television’s wires, a bag dedicated to your computer’s wires, etc. This will also help you make sure that you aren’t trying to plug the wrong wire in the wrong electronic.

Pack Early
The worst thing you could do is the pack at the last minute. There would be a higher chance of something getting broken or lost. You’ll be stressed out, and you may have to stay up late trying to finish. To save time, use to find movers that will help you pack!

Gather Multiple Quotes
Don’t pick the first moving company you get a quote from. Do your research and shop around. Don’t always pick movers with the lowest price either. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Read reviews to find the best moving company to fit your budget.

Use Proper Packing Materials
It might be very tempting to use old boxes that you had lying around or even boxes that were donated. That may not be the best idea. Older boxes are more likely to fall apart. If you have something delicate in there, it may break. You’ll want to pack your items in sturdy boxes without any holes or tears. Or, you could use us to find movers that will pack your items in new boxes!

Hire a Babysitter
If you have children or pets, the last thing you want to worry about is their safety on moving day. They are small and could get hurt by accident. A great idea is to hire a babysitter to watch your children as everything gets moved out and then back in. Also, having a friend watch your pet during moving day is great as well. You wouldn’t want them to accidentally run away in the chaos of moving!

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